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Stable, Secure and Comfortable

Every day our team is fulfilling entrance door dreams. The end-result is always a genuine one-off design where we bring together individual shapes, decorative elements, custom detailing and bespoke handles. Where required, we also have the technology in place to produce dozens of the same design.

Although visually each entrance door is unique, they have a common themes: Quality you can see, feel and even hear. Robust stability which protects you and your loved ones. Long lasting ease of use for living comfort.

As Individual as You

A timber entrance door is always unique: each tree provides the timber for your door is planted, cultivated and cared for over decades before finally being transformed into your entrance door. With the huge range of possibilities the natural material gives, you will certainly enjoy the process of choosing the right timber for your entrance door. The entrance to you home mirrors your good taste.







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Quality Without Compromise

1. Extra heavy kiln-dried wood qualities hold dowels and screws extremely strong, which provides security against burglary. Triple glued frame wood give additional solid stability.

2. anti-warping scantlings with a glued middle layer ensure durability straight, low-distortion and therefore functioning doors.

3. Two permanently elastic seals in the sash ensure the best thermal insulation, sound insulation and low-noise closing.

4. Seamlessly tight, the seals don't even come together on the hinges interrupted. The result would be drafts and poorer thermal insulation.

5. Settings without detaching the sash, that's a comfortable way of making work easier.The heavy 3D straps easily hold 160 kg horizontally. Very easily adjustments can be made using an Allen key through these openings be made.

6. Vortex chamber with volume: like a gutter in the frame rebate the unique technology works. Drops of water cannot stay here and follow gravity unhindered. Result: The door is absolutely tight, Wind and driving rain don't stand a chance.

7. aluminum vapor barriers, temperature-resistant glued (-40 to 120ºC),prevent moisture from penetrating the surfaces. Another plus for high dimensional stability.

8. Stabilizers in the fiber-reinforced plastic composite (FRP), without to cause thermal bridges, as is the case with steel reinforcement.

9. The directly foamed PUR core forms a solid unit with the cover surfaces: All components work together optimally.

10. corner joints of the aluminum shells are miter welded,sanded and only then coated, optically and technically the better solution.

11. rotary clip holders ensure distance, air can circulate, moisture cannot drop. The materials wood and aluminum can be individually and completely expand without tension.


12. seals between wood and aluminum ensure a beautiful lookand protect against contamination.

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