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The highest quality standards and a wide variety of benefits

These days, modern PVC-U windows have a service life of 30 years or more. So it's good when all the individual components, such as the window gaskets, last just as long, as they are crucial to ensuring the window continues to function. With Schüco PVC-U windows, you get the highest quality down to the very last detail.

Energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, long service life, smooth operation, a range of surface finishes, high stability and narrow frame sightlines. Create quality of life with PVC-U windows. PVC-U is the most frequently used material for windows in Germany. Due to its excellent cost/performance ratio and its very good insulation properties, PVC-U is often the number one choice for windows.

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Made in Germany

There are plenty of great reasons to choose Schüco PVC-U windows, and one of them is the impressive quality of Schüco systems. All Schüco PVC-U systems are developed and produced in Germany at our Weißenfels location. The PVC-U used meets the highest quality requirements, is calcium/zinc stabilised to be environmentally friendly, is resistant to light, weathering and impacts, and is extremely resistant to deformation even at higher temperatures, while fittings and handles are sealed against corrosion. In this way, the level of maintenance required and hence the follow-up costs for servicing Schüco PVC-U windows are reduced to a minimum.


Schüco LivIng Alu Inside

The use of unique aluminium profile rolling technology makes Schüco LivIng Alu Inside a steel-free profile system with outstanding thermal insulation. One decisive advantage of the maximum insulation PVC-U system is the material on the inside of the profile system – a high-quality aluminium alloy. The polished surface reflects a large percentage of the thermal radiation.

  • Window system to passive house level for Uf values as low as 0.79 W/(m²K)

  • Centre gasket system with three continuous sealing levels for the best possible protection against wind, rain and the cold

  • Increased basic depth for added security and burglar resistance


Schüco LivIng

Schüco LivIng sets new standards in terms of comfort, security, energy efficiency and design. With a basic depth of 82 mm and thermal insulation values to passive house level, it has all the features that are necessary for pioneering energy-saving windows. New sealing technology offers effective protection against draughts, moisture and noise – throughout the lifetime of the window. “Made in Germany” quality and burglar resistance to resistance class RC 2.

  • 7-chamber window system with outstanding thermal insulation properties for Uf values as low as 0.96 W/(m²K)

  • Available with 2 or 3 sealing levels

  • Multiple design options


Schüco CT 70

The PVC-U windows from the Schüco CT 70 series have high thermal insulation and versatile accessories, boasting timeless contours, narrow face widths and highly effective sound reduction. Schüco CT 70 windows are available with two continuous sealing levels.

  • Good thermal insulation: Uf values from 1.2 to 1.5 W/(m²K)

  • Design freedom with a choice of two contours (Classic and Rondo)

  • Wide variety of colour and design options

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