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My home. My view. My Design sliding door.

A door is just a door, isn't it? Not exactly. Anyone opting for a sliding door right now is making a good choice: sliding doors flood rooms with natural light and provide an almost barrier-free transition from inside to outside. Narrow profiles with no obtrusive door frames offer the best possible views to the outside. If you're looking for light and airy rooms, then you are going to love the large-scale glass areas and wide opening widths that only sliding doors can achieve. And while we are on the subject of space: the interior also benefits, as conventional pivoting door leaves that take up space in the room are a thing of the past. Modern sliding doors are also very energy-efficient, both in summer and winter, keeping the heat and the cold out.


With Schüco Design sliding doors, you can create the perfect sliding door for your building project and style.

Learn more about Schüco sliding and bifold door technology and options.







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Create new spaces.

Aluminium sliding and bi-fold doors create rooms flooded with light and attractive views as well as adding a touch of style. Their space-saving design allows new, spacious room concepts to be introduced, with an improved standard of living. All bi-fold/sliding constructions are impressively smooth and easy to handle, making them ideal for universal use in private homes.


Schüco ASS 80 FD.HI

Highly thermally insulated bi-fold system with a wide selection of types and outstanding weathertightness.

With narrow face widths and a wide range of types which meet all the requirements of current thermal insulation standards, as well as outstanding weathertightness, the highly thermally insulated Schüco ASS 80 FD.HI (Folding Door High Insulated) bi-fold system is ideally suited for use in outdoor areas.

Attractive opening types such as the 90° corner including a flat, thermally insulated threshold for barrier-free access offer a variety of design options for the visually appealing system.

Additionally, the bi-fold system can be designed with a magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle.


Schüco ASS 70 FD

Thermally insulated bi-fold system with large selection of types, quiet running and outstanding weathertightness.

The thermally insulated Schüco ASS 70 FD (Folding Door) bi-fold system impresses with narrow face widths and offers a wide range of types with outstanding weathertightness for use in outdoor areas.

The visually appealing system opens up a variety of design options thanks to attractive opening types, such as the 90° corner including a flat, thermally insulated threshold for barrier-free access.

The magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle is available as an additional design option.

The flexible and quiet vent stacks can be folded to the right, left, inwards or outwards as required.


Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI

Highly versatile Panorama Design sliding system for extremely comfortable architectural solutions flooded with light.


The best possible flexibility: with optimised system components, the highly thermally insulated Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI (Panorama Design High Insulated) sliding system expands the planning and design possibilities of the Schüco Panorama Design portfolio, which is best suited to luxury homes and large projects with high requirements on functionality and comfort.

An opening 90° corner which can be designed with two further moving vents or two fixed fields brings both architectural freedom and user comfort.

A flat outer frame expands the application options for the sliding system, e.g. in renovations.

The optimised foil attachment and the adjustment device guarantee tailored installation solutions in terms of building expansion and attachment to the building structure.

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