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Would you like to protect yourself from sunlight and unwanted glances while visually upgrading your room? This can be done easily with internal sun protection! In addition to the selection of more than 300 pleated fabrics and colors, you can choose from six tasteful rail colors. Combine fabric and rails as desired. In addition, some models are available in another six exclusive and modern color schemes, e.g. B. also brushed aluminum. Design your sun protection individually and exclusively.

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Pleated Sun Protection for Windows

The sun protection pleated is the most diverse and functional sun protection product and is suitable for almost all window shapes with its model variation. In addition, it also has many comfortable operating methods and offers a solution for every taste and benefit with more than 300 fabrics in all transparency groups.


  • Sun protection duets differ from the sun protection pleats by the honeycomb-shaped appearance of the fabric and thus has advantages in light, visual, sound and sun protection and is also not to be despised in terms of energy savings. Here, too, more than 150 fabrics bring variety and decoration into the apartment.

Sun protection roller blinds:

  • For rolling up and down: only when you need it. The roller blind impresses with straightforwardness, clarity and perfect function.

Slat curtains:

  • Slim vertical fabric strips, discreetly combined in one color or in color changes, effectively design living and working spaces.

Area curtains:

  • Especially in living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, these modern curtains are becoming increasingly popular.

Living comfortably - this includes decorative and comfortable privacy and sun protection. Be protected from unwanted glances, from disturbing rays of light and sun. But please with modern, decorative colors, in combination with subtle structures and desired transparencies. Or with exciting designs and light, fine fabrics with different light transmissions from the Alumar-PLISSEE collection.

With the desire for decoration, you do not do without useful functions. Alumar-PLISSEE fabrics are available from "transparent-translucent" to "opaque" to "darkening" in all transparency groups in a large selection of colors. A variety of washable fabrics and many fabrics with easy-care surfaces are particularly suitable.

Privacy and sun protection:

Perfect solutions are available for every living and living area. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen or office, the needs and requirements are different. The many different PLISSEE models, services and fabrics fulfill your wishes. Enjoy the fresh air and still stay protected from too much light.

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